FlexiSign PRO 8.5v1 + Crack
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FlexiSign PRO 8.5v1 + Crack

Nome: FlexiSign PRO 8.5
Ano: 2009
Fabricante: SA International – Software Solutions
Sistema Operacional: XP/2003/Vista/Se7en
Tamanho: 1.91GB
Formato: Rar
Número de Mídias: 1 DVD
Interface: 10
Facilidade de Uso: 10
Idioma: Inglês
Is FlexiSIGN-PRO Right For You?
• The industry standard for sign making software.
• A complete solution for design and output of both vinyl and digital print graphics.
• SmartObjects and Smart Tools follow your design process and update automatically for maximum productivity.
• Quickly and accurately vectorize colored or grayscale bitmap artwork with the most powerful vectorization
and cleanup on the market.
• Create decals quickly and accurately with the industry´s most precise Print & Cut to a hybrid or
virtual hybrid printer/cutter combination.

• Configure printer and cutter setups for out-of-the box production for over 1000 devices.
• More than 400 -Certified- ICC Output Profiles are included to give you the print results you want.
• The strongest import filters in the industry give you the flexibility to import from the most popular design applications.

New Features

•Flexi 8.5 is fully compatible with Windows Vista™ operating system
• New drivers for all the latest printers, engravers and vinyl cutters
• Set the number of times a job is automatically re-sent without re-RIPing using the Repeat Job function
• Application Direct Printing through Dynamic PPDs
• Nest or tile jobs to multiple rolls using the Dual Roll function
• Easily correct color with Variations, a point-and-click color correction tool
• Sign Making Fonts and Graphics CD included with every upgrade
• Break up multi-copy, multi-page, or multi-tiled jobs into individual jobs using the Break Apart function
• Verify your User Number and existing version number: Look in HELP >ABOUT menu
• If you have an existing Flexi product, contact your Reseller for upgrade pricing

Improved Features

• Automatically or manually download updates with the SAi Downloader
• Nesting saves more media and adds flexible editing within Job Properties’ layout view.
–ICCs can now be applied to individual jobs in a nest
• Enhanced Color Management System which includes improved dithering, and support for up to 16 color channels
• Import/Export filters
•Weedlines no longer cut through the inside of letters
• Easier preset management
- Save, save as, rename and delete are now available as buttons besides the preset selection
Configuração Mínima:
System Requirements • Windows Platform
Operating System: Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista
RAM: 1 Gb RAM or higher
Working Disk Space: 4+ Gb
Video: 1024×768 resolution, 24-bit color
Other DVD drive, Available USB port for key, Broadband Internet connection recommended,
Internet connection required,
Available port connection for each output device

Megaupload ON
Zshare PT.1 ON